Yun Nam Hair Care is the only hair care professional in the industry using 100% all natural exquisite Chinese herbs in their unique hair care formulae. With Yun Nam, you can:

  1. Regain your confidence
  2. Transform your appearance
  3. Exude that glamour and charm you've always had


These herbal treatments are applied directly to the scalp, stimulating the nerves connected to the root of the hair shaft, in turn strengthening new hair growth. Simultaneously, this action will help provide the scalp with essential nutrients, aiding it to re-enter the growth phase once again. When “sleeping” or “dead” hair goes through the growth phase of the hair cycle, these hair cells will be able to grow new hair once again.
Treatments comprising of natural herbs are extremely effective and beneficial in treating, repairing, as well as tackling all problems attributing to hair loss. The good news about 100% herbal treatments is that not only can they give your hair a glossy shine and lustre, it can also prevent hair loss, graying and promote new hair growth.
Most importantly, ingredients used in these treatments are extracted from nothing less of the best – all-natural Chinese herbs. These gems of nature are mild, will not cause any side-effects, contain no chemicals or preservatives, and will not harm the scalp in the long run. Herbal formulated treatments are able to boost and promote healthy hair growth, restore shine and lustre, stimulate and invigorate as well as promote Melanin in weak hair cells.
Our professional experts have had years of training before entering the field to put to practice the knowledge they’ve acquired. Armed with the proficiency and expertise on the latest technology and always in the know of what’s new in the world of hair care, they are fully qualified to carry out hair analyses as well as prescribe and recommend customized solutions for any type of hair problem. They also undergo training for regular updates as well as to polish their customer service skills. Having achieved high standards in administering treatments as well as serving their customers, these powerhouses are said to be the credence behind Yun Nam Hair Care’s impressive run of success.
Yun Nam Hair Care strongly believes that, as long as they are able to get down to the root cause of each hair problem, there is no obstacle between coming up with the most effective results in the shortest time possible, thus emerging with the best possible solution for each and every troubled customer. Being able to iron out hair problems for their customers is an accolade in itself that Yun Nam Hair Care can proudly stand by. Being able to restore the customers hair as well as their confidence, is an accomplishment for this reigning leader in the hair care industry.
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